Aficionado Award

You can make an impact by participating in the Aficionado Award Auction during the event.

The auction winners get to wear the jacket and join the illustrious company

of generous Taste the Good Life Aficionados

All of the proceeds for the Aficionado Auction go directly to the charity.

We Appreciate the Big Hearted Generosity of these Aficionados:


Dr. Jim Gregory,  Pete Dochinez,  Joe Salpietro, Dr. Nick Trombetta
Joseph A Sinclair, Tom Baumann, Pete Maida, Pat Hampson
James Colucci, Megan Sinclair, Genevieve Everett, MD, Imre Lancz, Richard Cassidy, Thomas Simunich
Monica Farabaugh, Jim Collucci, John Watson, Tom Graf, Mike Allen, Ralph Santarcangelo


Sponsors and Aficionados give and share their blessing of
enjoying the “Good Life” by helping others.